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Trusted Adviser for the last 17 years in Overseas Education. Eligibility: 60% and above in 12th standard with NEET pass.
Mentor Krishna
Mentor krishna education
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Mentor Krishna Education

150 MBBS students have had their dreams fulfilled through Medical Education at Tbilisi, Georgia. They have passed FMGE/Screening test in the first attempt and started internship, in various government hospitals in South India.

At present, more than 100 students are pursuing their studies in different Medical Universities in Tbilisi. More than 25 alumni are doing their post graduation abroad.

To all those students who are studying Medicine in the Georgian Universities in Tbilisi or to those successfully practicing doctors in India and other foreign countries, may not need an introduction about me.. I am here only because of the undaunted support bestowed by the parents and the deeply embedded affection of those Medical students and medical Doctors.

“Good decisions comes from experience, But experience comes from bad decisions. This is life. So don’t worry for any mistake. Go ahead and learn from them”.

Let me quote the great humanitarian and former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, and sincerely dedicate myself to you..

Reminiscing the 15 years of faltering, yet, steady strides in the field of Overseas Medical Education Service, we are embarking on a new era in a non-profit episode of Overseas Education.

Presenting, MENTOR KRISHNA, with your support, ladies & gentlemen! Its been my dream to provide total Sponsorships to the students who score excellent marks in +2 examination and yet the possibility and feasibility of studying medicine abroad remains a distant dream just because of poverty.

I envisaged this from my own experience. As we all know there are many stories where the brilliant, yet poor students have reached great heights in life. And the foundation for my sponsorship venture is based on the belief that, only those students could help build a healthy world.

"When we show love to others, God's presence is with us."
Thanking you,
Krishna Kumar
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